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Being the referee of the soccer or football game is an honored and a distinguished job. As the soccer is the widely and globally played game which is popular in almost all countries of the World, its referee occupies the pivotal position as the arbiter or the judge. So, the soccer game rules differentiate the referee from the other twenty two players of both the rival teams.

Typically, the soccer referee shirts are tshirts or jerseys which are stitched with high quality, great perspiration and body secretion absorbing cotton. Soccer referee shirts may be of different style. The five colors for the soccer referee shirts are; red, blue, green, black and yellow but their style is different. Soccer referee shirts are made with the single color with black strips at different places. Soccer referee jersey is stitched like those for the but with just one slim strip at the shoulders and half sleeves. But, it must be distinguished from uniforms of the players of the teams, playing the soccer game.

Other items of soccer referee uniform items may include the elite referee soccer shorts, essentially in black color, two striped or three striped referee socks and a badge Velcro along with the referee soccer shoes.

Like the soccer shirts and the other parts of the uniform for the soccer, the soccer referee equipment is also recommended by other agencies, managing and controlling the soccer. Many things, included in the soccer referee equipment are; headsets, whistle, watch, cards, flags, a many accessories and the bag. A typical referee is bound to have these equipment in its bag and in possession.

All selections of the different equipment is done in the light of the guidelines and other globally recognized organizations.